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IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and it is a form of light therapy, similar to laser, it is used for various dermatological procedures including permanent hair removal. 

As with all light based hair removal treatments, our IPL handset works by emitting a wavelength which targets pigment in the hair. As the light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair it turns to heat which then kills the hair growth cells. Hair will grow back more sparse and slower after each treatment, reducing hair growth permanently overtime.

There have been many clinical studies conducted that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of IPL for hair removal. Due to this fact, it has become an extremely popular option for safe and effective method of hair removal at home and in clinics. 

In short, IPL hair removal is a very safe treatment and if used as instructed, our handset poses no risks to the user! It is FCC, CE and RoHs certified for safe use. 

Our handset also ensures that all UV wavelengths are filtered by blocking wavelengths below 470 nm from the IPL spectrum. This is standard among most IPL systems. This is done to prevent the light doing damage to the outer layer of the skin, this means your handset will never cause longterm complications caused by UV exposure such as skin cancer, skin aging and etc.

Most customers begin to notice a noticeable reduction of hair growth after just 3-4 weeks, with treatments done once a week, and complete results after 12 weeks. The hair will grow back more sparse and slower after each treatment eventually turning into a permanent reduction in hair growth. To maintain hairless smooth skin after that, use the handset once every 2 to 3 months for a touch up or as needed. Results and treatment length needed may vary from person to person.

According to the FDA, permanent hair removal means the “long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs regrowing after a treatment regime.” Which is what our handset provides! But this may differ from the average interpretation of ‘permanent’. Remember even in-clinic laser is not fully permanent. In any case, if you don’t mind just one touch up every 3-4 months after the full treatment is complete, then I’d say it’s a pretty darn good deal!!

One of the biggest advantages of our IPL handset over other types of hair removal is that it is far less painful. The feeling is dependent on many factors and varies from person to person. 

The majority of our customers have said they don't feel a thing at the lowest intensity level 1! But only a slight sting at the highest intensity level 5. 

This is to say we have 5 intensity levels to choose from, this will allow you to select the most comfortable intensity level for you. We also have a very simple method of determining the perfect intensity level for you and when to work your way up to higher intensities for better results in our user guide. 

IPL is suc­cess­ful remov­ing body hair due to the pres­ence of a hair pig­ment known as melanin. This absorbs the light energy emit­ted by the device and directs it to the hair fol­li­cle, to remove hair and pre­vent future growth.

Nat­u­rally dark pig­mented skin how­ever will con­tain more melanin than lighter skin tones so more energy is absorbed. This means indi­vid­u­als with dark skin tones are more sus­cep­ti­ble to burns fol­low­ing treatment. This does not exclude all darker skin tones. (Please refer to the skin tone chart below to see if IPL is suitable for you.)

This means IPL may not be effective on very light blonde, red, or grey coloured hair. As long as the root of your hair is brown or black it should work for you! For dark blonde roots the treatment may take longer to take effect but will work with time and consistency, any shade darker will work perfectly!

Please refer to the skin tone chart below to see if IPL is suitable for you.

Colour Chart

IPL Skin tone colour color chart

Generally, we only recommend that IPL hair removal treatment should only be done for someone 16 and up, due to the hair being at a mature state. 

Certain ethnicities see hair growth maturity at younger ages, use is up to the user and anyone under 18 years old should seek parental consent and an expert opinion (aesthetician/dermatologist) prior to use of our IPL handset. 

Before Starting:
It is very important to shave any visible hair before use.

Ensure your skin is completely clean and dry (don’t use any gels or 

creams with your handset).


1) Plug the handset in and click the green button on the back to turn it on. 

2) The green button is also used to switch through the intensity levels  (1 for low - 5 for high). 

The blue lights on the front will indicate the intensity level.

3) Make sure your intensity level is set to 1 if it is your first session. 

For the best results, you should use your handset on the highest possible intensity level that isn’t painful. We recommend gradually increasing the intensity level after each session if the experience was not painful.

4) To use, ensure that the light window is completely flat against the skin. The pink light will begin to blink once you’ve placed the light window onto your skin. This indicates that the handset is ready to be used.

The handset has a sensor and will not flash unless the light window is in direct contact with your skin. If it is not in direct contact with your skin, the pink light will stay illuminated and the handset will not flash.

5) Click the Pulse button. Continue this over multiple areas until finished. Lift the head slightly after each pulse to avoid overheating.

For stubborn areas, we recommend that you treat the area up to 2 times per week and to try a higher intensity. 

6) Press and hold the green button on the back to turn it off. Always disconnect device from the electricity supply when finished.

We recommend using your handset once a week for the first 12 weeks. You can also use it twice per week for faster results. After this period, use the handset once a month for 3 months or until satisfied. To maintain hairless smooth skin after that, you may need to use the handset once every 2 to 3 months or as needed.

It is not necessary to treat the area more than once a week. This is because IPL is most effective in the hair growth phase, and some hairs may be dormant during treatment. This is why it is recommended to do 12 consecutive weeks of treatment.

If you are struggling to see results, try a higher intensity and use your handset 2 times per week (never more). Do this until you see some results, then you can reduce your frequency back to once per week.

You can use your handset on any part of your body, including your Brazilian (Bikini area) and face. But please do not use around the eyes (use only below cheekbones)

Yes, we recommend that you shave the desired areas between treatments and before using your handset. Shaving takes the hair down to the appropriate length whereas not to cause any burns during treatment but also allowing the hair root to get targeted effectively. Other forms of hair removal including waxing and tweezing will remove the hair root entirely. Which won't allow the IPL to target the root. That being said if you run your hand over the area and cannot feel any hair at all, then there is no need to shave. In regards to peach fuzz on the face, we recommend derma planning to remove those hairs prior to treatment.

Our IPL handset works by emitting a wavelength which targets pigment in the hair. As the light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair it turns to heat which then kills the hair growth cells. Hair will grow back more sparse and slower after each treatment, reducing hair growth permanently overtime.

We recommend starting at the lowest intensity and working your way up each session, if you get uncomfortable and/or get marks that last longer than a couple days it means that intensity is too high for you and the one below it should work best.

Three Modes Explained:

We realize that not all body parts are created equal, so we created three separate modes that will make your IPL hair removal journey that much simpler. #BeautyMadeSimple is our motto after all.

Stamp Mode:

With Stamp Mode each individual click of the pulse button causes a flash.

This is the default mode on your Handset, it is perfect for precision areas like the underarms, bikini area and face. 

Glide Mode:

Hold down the pulse button and glide the handset across your body your handset will automatically flash every half second. Please lift handset after each flash to cool the bulb. 

Perfect to quickly and precisely treat areas such as your arms and torso.

Auto Mode:

Hold down the pulse button away from your skin until all indicator lights are blinking. This will make the handset flash every half second it is in contact with your skin, without clicking anything. Please lift handset after each flash to cool the bulb. To disable, hold down the pulse button until the lights stop blinking. 

Perfect to quickly and effortlessly treat your legs.

To clean handset, disconnect the device from the electricity supply. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth and 70% alcohol. Never use acetone or other abrasive fluids, because they will damage your device. Then use a wipe to dry the device.

Never immerse your handset or any of its parts in water. 

Our IPL handset is equipped for 300,000 flashes which will last well over 10 years if used as directed. This also means there is no reoccurring costs and no need for replacements or refills.

Our handsets have an energy output of 1.5J-4.9J/cm2 and wavelengths between 470NM-1100NM which means it is ideal for longterm and permanent hair removal, but also safe enough to be used at home.

  • A known skin disorder
  • A skin disease such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc.
  • Photosensitive epilepsy
  • Are menstruating, pregnant or lactating
  • Black or Sunburnt skin (please refer to the skin tone chart)
  • Black or fuscescens nevus
  • Broken skin, a scab or healed wound, cancer or hemangioma 
  • Any artificial aesthetic, prosthetic or plastic area

You should not IPL over very dark freckles or moles, however light freckles are fine. If you have an area you wish to treat that has dark freckles or moles, it is recommended to colour over them with a white pencil if possible.

You should never IPL over tattoos. This will cause the IPL to target the tattoo and could produce burns and a painful experience. However, going around tattoos to treat an area is fine. 

No, it isn't necessary to wear eye protection while using our handset.  Our handset is fitted with a sensor and will never pulse unless the entire flash window is pressed against your skin. This is to protect your eyes from the bright light produced from the handset. That being said you should never try and look directly into the light as it flashes.

We recommend waiting 2 weeks before using your handset if you have recently tanned. Also, you should wait 48 hours to tan after using your handset. This is because your skin may be more sensitive to burns directly after IPL treatment. Any form of artificial tan should not be on your skin while using your handset. 

If you start feeling burning pain or discomfort, adjust the level down or stop using the device. 

Is the fan on your device working? If not, please contact us at

Otherwise please check this list to make sure you are using the device correctly.


Possibilities for painful experience with lomyskin IPL Handset:


- You have recently been exposed to the sun. We recommend staying out of strong sun exposure for 2 weeks before using our Handset.


- Your skin tone is darker than the recommended tones. Please check the skin tone chart on our website or in your user guide.


- You are using it at an intensity level that is too high for your skin. We always recommend starting with level 1 intensity to see how your skin reacts, if you had no adverse reactions or discomfort, you can gradually increase the level after each week of sessions. If you feel discomfort go back to a lower intensity.


- You have not shaved first. We always recommend shaving first because the IPL Handset may burn long hairs and it won't be effective to target the hair root if the hair is too long.

- You are pressing down to hard on your skin, causing your skin to get in direct contact with the bulb.


- You are not lifting the Handset after each flash. Doing this could harm the device and yourself. We recommend slightly lifting the Handset after each flash to allow for cool air to cool down the quartz bulb.


- You are using the device on the same spot multiple times per session. We recommend only one pass over each spot then moving to a new spot, otherwise you could be harming your skin and the device.


- You applied a cooling gel, lotion or any other type of applicant before treatment. We don't recommend using any lotion or ointment before treatment, our device is meant to be used without one.

The flash lamp in our handset is a Xenon Quartz Raytube with a glass filter to filter out harmful UV rays.

There are multiple factors that set us apart from the other IPL Handsets that seem to "look" the same. The first and most important factor is that our Handset is FCC, CE & RoHS certified for safe use. All the components have been tested for safety and performance. This is very important for such a sophisticated device, the internals are far more important than the aesthetics. 

Our team is also fully equipped with all the knowledge necessary to help you achieve the best results possible. Customer satisfaction is our main priority, your happiness is our goal! We won't leave you in the dust after purchase like some other brands.

We have also developed 2 extra modes called Glide Mode and Auto Mode, these were created to make the whole treatment process even simpler.  Auto Mode for example allows you to do your entire body in 30 minutes, without even clicking the pulse button! We made sure to make our handset the easiest, safest and most convenient form of longterm hair removal. After all our motto is #BeautyMadeSimple

Yes you can swap lights in a single session to get a wider range of benefits! 

Avoid using for longer then 10-20 minutes in a session as it may irritate the skin with overuse.

Red light: 630nm

Green light: 530nm

Blue light: 475nm

Orange light: 600nm

Pink light: 420nm

The 4 metal points are designed to release warmth and micro-currents to help increase blood circulation and absorption of serum or moisturiser.

If you cannot feel this effect on the highest setting, then you may be using the wrong serum or moisturiser.

For the best effect, we suggest using a WATER based serum or moisturiser, this will enhance the feeling/effect of the micro-currents.

We suggest using the LED Rejuvenation Wand in the evening to avoid harsh sun exposure right after using.

Yes, the 4 metal tips release micro-currents to help the absorption of serums.

This micro-current sensation can be felt especially when using a water based serum, which is recommended.

Yes, it will shut down automatically every 10 minutes.

It works with all skin types and colors.

No, it does not have ultrasound technology.

Yes, you can use one light treatment for 10 minutes and then use another light treatment for 10 minutes. The ideal thing is to not use one light treatment for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Yes, it comes with a USB charging cord

If you have the device properly inserted into the base, there will be a battery icon that will show you how much the battery has charged. 

The first time before using, you should charge it for 3 hours.

Then place on charge as needed for 1-3 hours.

Yes it comes with a universal USB charger.

For the best results we recommend following these steps:

1. Steam your face to open the pores. This can be done with a steamer, hot shower or hot/wet cloth on your face.

2. Dry your face off and begin using the Microdermabrasion Kit. Choose Oily, Normal or Dry mode based on your skin. 

Be sure to use in sweeping/gliding motions. Don't just hold over an area as it may cause bruising. 

3. Slight redness is normal, wash your face off with cold water to close up the pores when finished.

No, the microdermabrasion kit must be used on clean, dry skin (no serum, cream, moisturiser etc) as it can clog the device.

Yes it has 3 settings (Oily, Normal, or Dry skin).

Oily skin is the strongest setting, while Dry skin is the lowest setting

If you see a “bruise” or “hickey” after using the LOMY Skin Microdermabrasion kit then this indicates that the vacuum/suction setting is too strong, you’ve overworked your skin or your skin is too sensitive. Please DON’T stay in one place more than 3 seconds, just slide up and down to prevent these from happening

To clean your device, make sure it is turned off. Then, you can use a soft cloth, sponge or wet tissue to dry off the device. You can also use an alcohol to disinfect it, just make sure you wipe it off completely. Do not leave the device damp  and immediately dry off any moisture, water or chemicals on the device.

Steaming your face opens clogged pores while loosening unwanted buildup (dirt, oils, makeup) for a deeper cleanse. Steaming also helps decongest and detoxify the skin, fight bacteria and inflammation, and increase circulation.

It is best to steam before exfoliating your skin to allow pores to be cleansed and remain open for deeper extraction of debris and bacteria. Steam to soften sebum and unclog pores, then proceed with chemical or mechanical exfoliation.

The Lomy Skin Facial steamer does blow hot steam! 

For our Facial Steamers we do recommend using distilled water in them.

When you first open the box you will notice there is two parts to the steamer and a measuring cup, first step is to fill the measuring cup to the line (50 ml) add no more as it may start to bubble out of the top, pour this into the top of the bigger piece of the steamer and then twist the top on, once the top is on turn on the steamer and wait approximately 1 minute for the steam, Enjoy! 

You only need to put cold water in and our facial steamer takes care of the rest!

You can use this for 5-10 minutes 1-2 times per week depending on how sensitive your skin is.

No this should not be used over acne or pimples as it may irritate them.


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PLEASE NOTE due to COVID-19: You may experience slight delays due to widespread shipping restrictions and screening both for US and International orders. Not to worry, our shipping partners have promised all orders WILL be delivered regardless.

Processing Details

Once your order is verified and your payment is approved, processing begins. This takes approximately 2 - 4 business days -- not including weekends or holidays. After processing, orders are shipped from our warehouse. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is shipped. 

Delivery Time frames:

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For more informations , check our shipping & delivery policies 

In a perfect world, package deliveries arrive on time without any issues. But, in some cases, delays occur and here are the reasons why:

  • Failed delivery attempts – This occurs if there was no one there to receive the package or if the address is misspelt, incomplete or outdated. Usually, couriers make 2 or 3 attempts to deliver your package, but on different days. After these attempts, your package will most likely be stored in the courier’s warehouse for 5-7 days. Please contact your local post office immediately to track it down. If your package has already been sent back to us, simply Contact Us so we can resend it.
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Your tracking number will be in your shipping confirmation email (this may be in your spam or junk folder). If you still cannot find it, please message or email and we will provide it.

Refund policy

 All LOMY SKIN™ products come with a 12 month warranty and 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Below is some information on how it works:

Should your decide within 90 days (of delivery date) that you do not like the product, your entitled to send it back for a refund or exchange!

When you return you will be eligible for:

1. An exchange (of equal value to your original order) or

2. A refund on the order (less shipping cost). 

To be eligible for the 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:

- Item must be in the original packaging and must not be damaged.

- Return must be initiated within 90 days of delivery.

- Return shipping is the customer responsibility.

- Shipping cost is not refundable.

- Return must be approved by customer support (do not send back to the address on your package).

To return your product, please email us here


All LOMY SKIN  products come with a 12 month warranty.

Should your product arrive and you notice it doesn't work or function correctly or is somehow broken, we will send you a replacement 100% FREE!

LOMY SKIN warranty does not cover physical damage from misuse or accidental damage to the product.

We recommend use to customers above age 18.

If you have parental permission then our products are safe for teenagers also.

All products can be cleaned using an alcoholic or sanitising wipe. Additionally, you can simply use a cloth damp with hot water.

DO NOT submerge any LOMY SKIN device under water!

The Hydrodermabrasion Kit Heads and the Lomy Cleansing Brush Heads - can be removed and washed in water.